Switching. The reconciliation of instinct with form

Chaos is the life blood of every hyperexpressionist work.The canvas, as a loving mother with children, absorbs everything. It welcomes pieces of paper that are laid over the color to leave new, other signs. A special paper, found after a long research, is laid down on the ground to be soaked with life. These sheets are accumulated, they fill the artist’s studio, following him in the process. They give him the breath to create possibilities into his mind. But also suffocate them too, because every choice excludes and removes. These sheets need time to dry out, to capture in an instant signs and flows that have been applied by the artist and by Chaos. Chaos is the lifeblood of every hyperexpressionist work.

Everything begins with it, a chromatic chaos of colors laid on the mother canvas, but also an inner emotional chaos, existential, that proceeds through the artistic creation to drive to the survival. The artist chooses colors. Chapter by chapter there is a better awareness of the final accomplishment, everything now is clear: dried paper which has been assembled, glued and colored again with oil pastels. This is the most beautiful stage of the work, in which the artwork takes shape from the darkness and everything becomes clear.

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