Iacopo Maria FioraniIacopo Maria Fiorani (born in Rome 22/03/1975).

Inspired by a talented mother who was a brillant psychologist and the father, a doctor wich dedicated his strong eclectic personality also to the sculpture Art.

Fiorani starts to discover his passion to the art by frequenting the school of the Tuscan sculptor and painter Leonetto Tintori.

Graduated in Sociology by presenting the Degree on Cultural Anthropology in 2001. From 2003 to 2005 he lives in Greece, Athens, which represents a powerful stimulus for his poetic painting.

Now he’s one of the main representative artist in the scenary of the brand new movement of art called Hyperexpressionism, the new contemporary concept of art started in Italy in 2016.

Initially rebellious to expose his art on galleries, thanks to a persuasive forward-thinking critic of art, his work now has been shown in various events in Europe, among wich Berlin, Rome, Prague, togheter with artists like Hsiao Chin, Mario Schifano, Franco Angeli, Mimmo Rotella.

Hi has been recognized by a particular technique named “switching”, conceived and developed by himself.

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